Corona del Mar Scenic 5k Race. June 2, 2012.

This was my first 5k race ever. I’ve been running since December 2011 and suffered a few setbacks along the way from overuse of the tendons and ligaments that hold my lower parts together. I’m not particularly patient once I get obsessed with a new project and I’ve over done the running along the way for sure.

Today I felt pretty good. I hadn’t run but once this last week and that was a longer and slower run. To be honest, I haven’t done any speed work, tempo runs, or fartlek training. In fact I was just reading about them yesterday – but too late to try it for this race.

The CdM Scenic 5k has been around for about 30 years. My wife’s aunt, Lupe, has run it 25 years straight and the entire time I was oblivious to the whole running scene – the whole adult, age-group fitness scene, actually.

Now that I am training for triathlons primarily, I have to focus on the running.. It really stresses parts of the knee and especially ankles in a way that cycling does not and it is my weakest discipline. At first, I was really dreading the whole running thing, but the more I do, the more I appreciate it and may actually be starting to enjoy it. The key to all this is to have events on the calendar which are EAD’s (embarrassment avoidance deadlines).

The Run: 20:22 final time
1 mile split : 6:05, the second mile was not marked.
I took off way too fast (a recurrent them, perhaps?). My background is in sprint swimming distances: 21 seconds, 45 seconds, always less than two minutes. Lactic acid, be damned, plenty of time to recover afterward. This pacing issue is going to be an important challenge especially as I go to longer and longer distances. So I went out feeling really good, but went into oxygen debt and couldn’t keep up the pace on the subsequent distance.  My improvement will come when I learn to race MY RACE, not someone else’s. Start slower and build: Run or bike like I am trying to negative split the whole thing.
My Result: I placed 3rd in the 45-49 age group ( I am 49). I am happy with the results and this at least establishes a baseline to improve upon as well as establish as a goal for the sprint triathlons that use the 5k distance. My next 5K will be under 20 minutes. Low 19’s? Can I go on record here and set that up for my time goal. Yeah!

My third place award.

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One Response to MY FIRST 5k RACE REPORT

  1. stridingmom says:

    Congrats on the CDM! I almost ran that one but was injured 😦 I heard it was a good one!

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