I am a 49 year ophthalmologist practicing in Irvine, California. I have a unique sub-specialty niche practice where I treat vitreous eye floaters. It is an international practice with patients coming from all over the world to try to eliminate or reduce their bothersome moving shadows in their vision. My website: VitreousFloaterSolutions.com.

I am an ex-competitive swimmer from many years ago I was used to sprint events that lasted, oh, 21 seconds and all the way up to 2 minutes! Hardly endurance and no experience with having to pace myself. After college, I stayed thin, but remained very sedentary. I would sometimes go to the gym, but couldn’t really get motivated. There was nothing on the calendar to give me an exercise deadline.

In November, 2011, I was flipping through the channels and came across the Hawaii Ironman championships and I was completely  mesmerized. Of course the professionals and elites are always impressive, but I was more interested in the age grouper human interest stories. I think my wife saw “that look” on my face and saw what that “pending obsession” looks like. It was a little seed planted in my head. I don’t know what it was, but it looked hard, painful, and the antithesis of me sitting in a darkened office all day long just talking or operating a laser in a 15cc fluid space in the eye. I was hooked.

I have been cycling for about 4-5 years, but not consistently especially in the winter months (although in Southern California there are no excuses). The swimming is always in pretty good form, but I needed to build endurance. The running? Well I hadn’t really run in 15 or more years. Cycling doesn’t stress the joints and ligaments like running does and uses different large muscle groups. Running is the area most in need of improvement.

The good news is that I am thin and starting off in a pretty good position, athletically. If this is my mid-life crisis, then there are a lot worse things I could be doing.

I’m not skinny, I just have a high power-to-weight ratio!


7 Responses to ABOUT ME

  1. karlosports says:

    We have similar backgrounds being a career professional, a family man and a swimming background. All the best to you! great site!

  2. Chuck says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog! Some coconut would have been amazing in those bars… maybe a little coconut oil or coconut butter in the base!
    I’m actually looking at grad schoools in California to go back and get my MBA! I bet the weather and training are amazing out there

  3. marthaguidry says:

    How do you do that cool cumulative total thing on the right side of your wordpress? Is it a custom widget? I think it would be nice to motivate me to track. Can you tell me how you did that? Thanks.

    reply: It is not a custom widget. It is simply a “text box” available as a “widget” under the “appearance” tab
    The numbers come from the use of Sports Tracker (http://Sports-Tracker.com) It is a free app for iOS and android. It keeps track of everything and has a nice social networking feature. I highly recommend it.

  4. Jen says:

    Thanks for following The Hippie Triathlete!

  5. kruzmeister says:

    Good luck with your triathlon journey!

  6. Ron Byrnes says:

    I enjoy your blog. I’m from SoCal originally (Cypress, best man from my wedding lives in Woodbridge). Sky’s the limit for you in the sport. Take care.

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